Applications in the Logistics Field

Current State of the Logistics Sector

The logistics industry is currently facing a mountain of problems, including the so-called “2024 problem,” in which the shortage of truck drivers is said to worsen due to reforms in work styles, the aging of drivers, and the normalization of harsh working conditions for carriers. To address these logistics issues, a new logistics infrastructure is needed that can realize an efficient logistics network through coordinated control of delivery robots, drones, and self-driving trucks, which will become increasingly popular in the future, rather than stopgap, symptomatic solutions.

Our Vision

We believe that the world will soon be filled with delivery robots, drones, and self-driving trucks that will do much of the logistics for us. We will contribute to such a future through the development of AI that enables “team play.

Robust logistics is also very important in Japan, where natural disasters are common. We aim to build a new logistics infrastructure to create a flexible supply network. We aim to build the most efficient logistics network in the world, carbon neutral and zero waste loss.

Physical Internet

We are conducting research and development with the aim of realizing a “Physical Internet” that will realize a dramatically more efficient logistics network through the coordinated control of a wide variety of logistics robots, such as delivery robots, drones, and self-driving trucks. By appropriately assigning logistics robots (or humans) owned by carriers to shippers’ delivery requests, we can realize highly efficient logistics by taking advantage of the strengths of each robot (or human).

We are currently developing a demo and plan to exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show.

The demo is under development.

Path planning for robots in logistics warehouses

We can provide contract development of scheduling for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that pick up cargo in warehouses and optimal cargo placement problems based on demand forecasts. より引用