Application to Defense and Disaster Prevention

Current Status of Defense and Disaster Prevention Sector

The security environment surrounding Japan is rapidly becoming more severe against the backdrop of the military expansion of neighboring countries and the war in Russia and Ukraine. Investments in the latest digital technologies will become increasingly important for Japan’s defense sector.

In addition, as Japan is prone to natural disasters, drones will be increasingly used to quickly dispatch robots to areas where humans cannot rush to quickly, and to quickly assess the extent of damage.

Our Vision

We believe that the development of multi-agent systems that maximize team performance by coordinating fighters and drones with each other is essential for the next generation of defense. We will continue to develop AI that enables “team play,” in which the entire team can cooperate with each other and respond flexibly even when unforeseen circumstances arise in conflict zones.

We will also develop drone control software that enables “team play,” in which multiple drones cooperate with each other to quickly check the situation in the affected area.